“Jerry Smith Spirit of the Game Award”

This award is present by the Fairbanks Interior Table Tennis Club in honor of our friend, Jerry Smith.

Jerry was a great ambassador for Table Tennis.

The Jerry Smith Spirit of the Game Award is to recognize a player who has demonstrated Sportsmanship, Fair Play, and Love of the Game.

The following are the recipients in 2016.

The 15th recipient of the Jerry Smith Spirit of the Game Award was Regine Hock, Fairbanks, Alaska. Regine received her award at the Jerry Smith Alaska Hardbat Championship played April 8th & 9th, 2016 in Fairbanks, Alaska.

L -R: Aporn Stein, Rick Robertson, Terry Slocum, Diann Darnall, Regine Hock, Janet Smith, and Chirk Chu.

L-R: Regine Hock, Andrea Gelvin, Eva Partyka, Doron Partyka, Diann Darnall, Betsy DeMay, Carol Johnson, Ruby Baxter/Silva Ann.

The 16th recipient of the Jerry Smith Spirit of the Game Award was Nico Kayser of Fairbanks, Alaska. Nico was an exchange student from Germany. He received his award at the Alaska – Yukon Challenge in Anchorage on June 11, 2016.

Congratulations Nico!

L-R Back: Andrew Persen, Dennis Hedgecock, Terry Slocum, Scott Kennedy

L-R: Ava, Doron, Lucas Partyka, Diann Darnall, Nico Kayser, Eric Partyka, Carol Johnson, Betsy DeMay, Dave DeMay, and Aporn Stein in front.